10th International "Law via the Internet" Conference D2

Day two at the The 10th International "Law via the Internet" Conference, started with a Keynote Address by Graham Greenleaf, Co-Director of the Australasian Legal Information Institute (AustLII).

Greenleaf outlined eight strategies that can support the aims of the Free Access to Law Movement which include maximizing free access, assisting local organisations and an implied goal of high quality. Among the eight strategies he mentioned were encouragement of all Legal Information Institutes (also small ones), the essential right of republication of governmental works (especially in maintaining workflows), broadening of LII content, publishing legal scholarship and the importance of subject-specific libraries.

10th International "Law via the Internet" Conference D1

The 10th International "Law via the Internet" Conference, was held in Durban, South Africa, 26 - 27 November 2009, hosted by Southern African Legal Information Institute (SAFLII)

The Law via the Internet Conference is an initiative of the Legal Information Institutes worldwide that constitute the Free Access to Law Movement. The principles of the Free Access to Law Movement are described in the Montreal Declaration on Free Access to Law.

The theme of the 10th "Law via the Internet" conference was Global Free Access to Law and Developing Countries: Impact, Challenges and Networks.


9th International Conference "Law via the Internet"

(EN) On 30th and 31st of October 2008, the 9th International Conference "Law via the Internet" was hosted in Florence, organized by the Institute of Legal Information Theory and Techniques of the Italian National Research Council (ITTIG-CNR), acting as a member of the Legal Information Institutes network (LIIs).

The first conference of this kind took place in Sidney, Australia, in
1997. In 2008 about 300 participants, from 39 countries of the 5 continents, attended the conference.

Methods of creation and access to legal data have been influenced a great deal by information and data transmission-technologies. This years conference focused on "digital legal information", analyzing its aspects in the light of the idea of freedom of digital legal culture and knowledge and of the technological progress that is shaping law. Knowledge of quality legal information makes it possible for citizens to exercise their democratic rights and safeguard the rules set by the judicial system.

Conference Proceedings have been published: Law via the Internet. Free Access, Quality of Information, Effectiveness of Rights (Legal Information and Communication Technologies) (Paperback), Ginevra Peruginelli (Editor), Mario Ragona (Editor), 496 pages,
Publisher: European Press Academic Publishing (April 1, 2009), ISBN-10: 8883980581, ISBN-13: 978-8883980589. Order e.g. from Amazon.co.uk

conference was opened by Nicola Palazzolo, Director of ITTIG, Federico Gelli, Vice-president of Region of Tuscany, Andrea Di Porto, Member of the Board of Directors of the CNR, and Daniel Poulin, Representative of LIIs. Frederico Gelli emphasised the new issue of illiteracy concerning access to Internet. 300 Million Euros are being spent at the moment in order to spread broadband connections. In addition 250 places with internet access are created, also providing assistance for using the Internet. Daniel Poulin opened with a short history of the legal information institutes (LII) around the world, starting 1992 with Tom Bruce at Cornell University. At the moment there are 25 LIIs world-wide. The main question being access to legal information vs access to legal justice. Read More...

Minikonferens i allmän rättslära, 10-11 april 2008

Reseberättelse från minikonferensen i rättsteori & allmän rättslära, Växjö universitet, 10-11 april 2008

(SW) Minikonferensen i rättsteori & allmän rättslära ägde rum den 10-11 april 2008 vid Växjö universitet. Syftet med den årliga konferensen är ett intellektuellt utbyte mellan rättsvetenskapare och möjligheten att knyta nya kontakter inom ämnet rättsteori och allmän rättslära. Föredragen hölls i första hand av doktorander som fick väldigt kloka och värdefulla synpunkter på sina avhandlingar.

BILETA 2007 Conference, 16-17 April 2007

BILETA 2007, Annual Conference at the University of Hertfordshire, UK, 16-17 April 2007

(EN) In his keynote speech
Stephen Mason addressed issues on electronic evidence. The output of a device that is evidence is analogue even if the device is digital. Digital device cannot be touched or felt, therefore e.g. a mobile phone is the primary evidence, while the secondary evidence is the print-out. Mason stressed the importance of knowing how to analyse evidence, as most evidence in courts is being submitted electronically at the moment. Read More...

Regulating Technologies, 7-8 April 2007

Regulating Technologies - King’s College London, 7-8 April 2007, London, UK.

(EN) Conference report Regulating Technologies - Announcing an international and interdisciplinary conference formally to launch the Centre for Technology, Ethics an Law in Society, based in the School of Law at King’s College London

IRIS 2007, 22.-24. February 2007

IRI IRIS 2007 - Internationales Rechtsinformatik Symposion, Universität Salzburg, 22.-24. Februar 2007

(SW) Det Internationella Rättsinformatiksymposiet (IRIS 2007) ägde rum den 22-24 februari 2007 i Salzburg, Österrike. Konferensen har fått stor betydelse i Österrike och Mellaneuropa inom ämnet rättsinformatik och ska öka informationsutbytet mellan österrikiska och internationella rättsinformatiker om aktuella rättsvetenskapliga frågeställningar relaterat till utvecklingen av informationsteknologin. Den årliga konferensen anordnas den 10:e gången i år.

Årets konferens fokuserade på flera olika ämnen inom IT-rätt och rättsinformatik, som t.ex. e-handel, e-förvaltning, e-skatt, upphovsrätt, personlig integritet, juridisk informationssökning, e-learning, visualisering av rätt och science fiction. Under 2,5 dagar hölls sex olika block samtidigt som behandlade frågorna inom de precis nämnda ämnen.