My name is Christine Storr, previously Christine Kirchberger (hence iinek) and I am a lecturer and doctoral candidate in legal informatics at the Department of Law, Stockholm University. I have been working at the University since 2001 after completing my Master Degree in Law and Information Technology.

In addition to teaching and researching at the University, I have been involved in several EU projects with regards to cyberlaw and present occasionally at conferences on cyberlaw and legal informatics. I have also published several teaching videos on marketing law as well as legal sources and working more productively.

You can find more on IT law related things at legalgeekgirls.com (a project together with Pam Storr). We recently founded LGG Publishing where we sell our own books within legal informatics and media law.

For reports on conferences and thoughts on my research visit iinek.blog, for geek and productivity tips please visit hyperorganised.net, and for tips on legal research in Swedish visit sökarätt.se.